Whitepaper - The Workplace in 2025, Millennials - The Generation Of Explorers 

Clodagh Bannigan 07.09.2017

Millennials are expected to make up 75% of the workforce by 2025. They are bringing with them into the workplace attitudes shaped by the digital revolution and they have a very different outlook to the generations who preceded them.

In Q1 2017, M3S, Morgan McKinley’s total talent solutions business, conducted research which focused on the behaviour, opinions, values and needs of millennials in the context of work and career. The objective of the research was to provide insights into the attitudes of the millennial generation and how they will shape the workplace of 2025.

The results of our research and our predictions for 2025 were discussed in our newest whitepaper “The workplace in 2025”. The report also includes our recommendations on how organisations should adopt new ways of working to maximise success for a different generation.

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